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Here are some odds and ends that dont really fit anywhere else:

Valentines Day is here again, and with it the perfect opportunity for marketing departments the world over to romance investors and donors with Valentine-themed promotions! Here are some that didnt quite make it off the drawing board:

Nevada State Tourism Board
Nothing Says I LOVE YOU Like Legalized Prostitution and Gambling T-shirts, baseball caps, and coffee mugs.

Vatican Public Relations Office
* Naughty Altar Boy limited edition ceramic figurine

American Heart Association
* Chocolate heart with marshallow-filled arteries. Simultaneously a touching token of love and a serious warning to an overweight sweetheart.

Daughters of the American Revolution
* Illustrated Kama Sutra featuring George and Martha Washington. Comes with authentic period wooden dental dam.

* Spray Paint a Red Heart on Joan Rivers Coat Competition

National Society of Organ Donors
* My Heart Belongs to You (As Soon As Im Brain Dead) cards.

Department of Homeland Security
* Moving the Valentines Day National Warning System Code Red for a High Risk of Lovin

Me, Columbus GM, will be away on business trip from Sunday, January 25 till Superbowl Sunday. Will be goin to Northern Ontario to do tax returns

I will miss you guys....esp. Rangers, my monkey boy. You get first dibs...You are the heart and soul of the league...your humour makes this thing it your first avatar (humping safes) or somehow having only 2 player above 70 on your team...your the best.

I will miss Wally who is in love with Tanguay, FLock of Seagulls, Billy Idol, etc. You take a lot of flack but at least you realize its just a game

I will miss Isles sure shes a hottie haha.

I will miss that ugly TV screen avatar of Phoenix.

I will miss philly with his pickle up his bum .

I will miss Blues but not that dumb pic of Bobby Clarke he has .

I will miss Canucks GM but will tease him good when Holland beats England in the World Cup

I will miss Carolina GM....and will make a pitch to get the best player out there, Jyrki Lumme, on my team when i get back

I will miss Avs...not sure why he has a penguin as an avatar

I will miss Stars GM...who has the best email address ever...suicide

I will miss Ducks....dont go flying V on anyones ass though lol

I will miss Flames....gotta a feeling this guy will finally bring stability to the Flames who have had 3 GMS lol

I will miss team reconstruction i've ever seen

I will miss NJ GM.......dont have to say anything else since he doesnt visit the boards anyways lol

I will miss Oilers GM......since hes finally starting to fall in the standings

I will miss Ottawa GM.......when I come back, I want to know what an Ottawa Choker is (??)

I will miss Pitts GM......he should have the penguin avatar

I will miss Preds......I LOVE the extremely long got soul for the league man.

I will miss Detroit GM.....that loud, arrogant American Patriotism

I will definately miss Tampa GM (who i call Jon Sim since he sims the games).....You rock man....I love the job your doin.....dont know how you assembled that team..its scary

I will miss thrashers.....glad I could trade Novoseltsev to you

I will miss Leafs GM.....same reason as New Jersey lol

I will miss washington GM....great trades man.

I will miss MinnyGM......i like the way hes acting like hes on crack lately lol...good impression

I will miss Montreal GM.....2 Bezjaks are better than 1

I will miss Panther the way you put your record under your avatar

Love you all!

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