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Columbus GM proudly accepted 4 awards at the annual Justy awards!! Including one of the most prestigous: Best Poster! Here are the results.

Hello all and Welcome to the First Annual Justys', the awards given for the hell of it! To all the winners take this image and put it on the bottom of your page for as many times as you won awards and the names! cause it makes you look really cool! Here Are the Catagories and Winners!

Best Poster - Columbus Bluejackets

Best GM - Tampa Bay

Funniest Poster - Co-Winners Chicago and Columbus

Most Thought Provocking - Nashville

Favorite New GM - Minnesota, real nice guy!

Favorite Front Office GM - Pheniox!

Most Likly To Take Over This Hemisphere in a bloody Coo - LA Kings!

Most Hockey Smart - Pheniox and Chicago Tie!

Most Likly to win for along time - Isles

Best Mascot - Rex *columbus bluejackets*

Best Goaltending - Chicago

Best Defense - Colorado

Best Fowards - Edmonton and LA tie

Best Overall Team (most likly to win in the NHL) - Atlanta (UPSET!!!!)

Most Knowledgeable about younger players - Nashville! (can't give an award to myself : ( )

Most likly to be eatin' by bears - Columbus

Most likly to be eatin' by the mexicans - Pittsburg

Best Judge of talent - New York Rangers! (hands down!)

Best lookin - Isles (sorry wally!!)

Best Talent for next season - LA and I tie here!! (columbus would have made it but some of the trades he did!!)

Saddest GM - St. Louis!

Best Detroit GM - Detroit (Chicago came in a close 2nd)

Coolest Person - Pittsburg!

Best of the worst - Mighty Ducks!

Best of the best - Chicago!


Thank You and Come back next year!!

Justy Kicks Ass!!!!!