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Submitted by Wally:
Where do you think your team will be in 10 years? My team turned into a bunch of flakes.

No one was suprised when Eddie Belfour kissed Zac Bierk and they went to ballot class together. They were a little fruity since day 1. Always trying on eachothers equipment and taking private showers together. It was a shock when Andrew Raycroft went with them though.

Joe Thornton joined a biker gang. He currently hassles old ladies for quaters. He's yet to get one.

Brendan Morrow is in the adult film industry.

Ray Whitney said he was goin skinny dippin in Crystal Lake. He didn't come back for a few days so we sent Tanguay to go get him. He didn't come back either. So Steve Sullivan went searching and found them splashing each other in the water. The 3 of them are still there to this day.

The Hawks drafted Robbie Schremp in the 1st round. He injured Pitkanen in the 1st day of training camp and has sat ever since. Pitkanen was been traumatized and has never played another game. Toivonen takes care of him in Finland.

Victor Kozlov got Pronger hooked on russia vodka. They still play but have been a combined -2394 over the past 8 seasons. They both signed a multi year extension...................................with Smirnov Ice.

Scott Niedermayer produces Morrow's films.

Brent Mclean got a scare tactic from Bryan Sutter. Sutter put his hands around his throat. Sutter thought it would help his game if he toughened him up but ended up killing him. Sutter got 20-life.

Kyle Calder and Handzus were last seen selling bubble bath to 5 year olds.

Pierre-Marc Bouchard became a horse jockey.

Ray Emery became a pro wrestler.

Igor Radulov joined the russian mob.

Jay Bouwmeester became an underwear model.

Bryan Mccabe and Willie Mitchell punched each other out arguing over who is a better Dman.

Tuomo Ruutu was the only success story on this team. He led the NHL in scoring 15 years in a row. Won 15 Hart and Rocket Richard trophies. He retired at 36 the NHL all time leading goal and point getter. He enjoys watching Morrows movies now.

Columbus in 10 years:

Martin Havlat - after a successful career as a consistent 30+ point producer, he was last seen combing Daniel Alfreddson's golden locks.

Alexei Yashin - Last seen counting his twenty's on a penthouse balcony repeatedly saying "stupid americans pay money to see me pick my russian balls"

Pavel Bure - Last seen picking countryman Yashin's balls. Far cry from dating Kournikova 20 years prior

Chris Drury - his soft hands enabled him to become a proctologist

Mike Peca - killed Darcy Tucker after another playoff cheapshot, in the slammer.

Jeff O'Neill - As the master of playoff beards, he now works for 'Just for Men' since his beard has now greyed as fast as his game

Sergei Berezin - was a puck hog his entire career. Now a pig farmer.

Mike Ryder - now a bona-fide superstar in the NHL. has won every award a player could ever get (besides goalie ones)...including the elusive calder which you only have 1 chance for .....the one that will always elude Ruutu

Ron Francis - hes so old, hes gotta be dead in 10 years

Mike Johnson - sells sausages outside nationwide arena

Theo Fleury - sells beer outside nationwide arena

Krys Kolanos - another concussion limited him to selling bobbleheads of Mike Ryder outside nationwide arena

Trent Klatt - went back to LA to try to work with Brenden Morrow

Brian Leetch - retired and now named captain america

Greg de Vries - returned to Holland (hes dutch like me!) and was last seen eating fish and wearing wooden shoes and showing off his nice set of lips

Paul Mara - has won the Norris a few times. - his big butt came in handy..doin XL underwear modelling in Bouwmeesters studio.

Kyle McLaren - just look at him...hes gotta be ridin with Thornton on them harleys

Brian Marchment - spokesperson for Motrin pain relief...and A.D.D. awareness

Luke Richardson - big tough guy.....carries around feed bags on Berezins farm

Roman Turek - On the street asking if you could spare him some change so he can buy a beer from Fleury

John Grahame - drug dealer with John Tortorella (looks like a drug dealer IMO)

Alexandre Daigle - Daigle sells Baigles

Jason Bacashihua - Beat up Bertuzzi good with his blocker. Also in the slammer......patiently following Peca repeadetly saying " drop the soap, drop the soap"

Peter Forsberg took a horrible dive while playing for MoDo in their 2007-2008 season. The fans rushed the ice and he was sadly beaten to death

Marian Hossa redefines the term power foward as he scores 60 goals for over 5 years starting in 2004-2005

Pascal Dupuis becomes Gabby's right hand man while he regains his 2002-2003 form. He continues playing before Gabby and him decide they want to have children (Supposedly Marian Gaborik actually has female sex glands )

John LeClair retires in 2005-2006 after back-to-back cup wins for the Flyers

Radek Bonk and I live happily ever after

Justin Williams soon gets traded back to the Flyers for Sean Burke's rights so he can replace that horrible Kevin Weekes. Willy returns for the Flyers 2nd cup in back-to-back years.

Mike Fisher and Justin Williams get caught locking lips in the locker room shhh oops

Uhh Lapointe, Johansson, and Young are taken out back and shot after their lack of production

Laperierre is locked up for unknown circumstances....?(It is believed he carried out an assasination mission on Chicago's Tuomo Ruutu which cut the poor players career short )

Corson **** his pants in the playoffs (colitis ) and stunk the joint up (this is getting boring.....)

Al MacInnis recovers 100% and brings the Blues to their 2nd strait cup in 2005-2006

Brent Sopel cuts his hair and wins a Norris

Andrei Markov becomes the first defensemen in the modern era to score 30 goals after he actually learns he needs to use his shot

Vitaly Vishnevski makes Martin Havlat "eat his lunch."

Robert Esche wins the Conn Smythe after bringing the Flyers to the cup and gets the longest string of Vezina's in NHL history.....he also beats the living **** out of Tomas Vokoun.

Cechmanek becomes a helluva backup for the St. Louis Blues!!!! or is traded for Chicago foward Sidney Crosby

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