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Blue Jacket Tournament!
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Hey there! Welcome to the Blue Jacket Tournament page. This project is in its infant stage and the Blue Jackets are looking for interested individuals to partake in this litte-offseason event. If enough members join, this will surely be a hit.

Victory is Sweet
Blue Jackets winning cup in NHL 2001

What is the Blue Jacket Tournament?
The Blue Jacket Tournament is an NHL 2001 video game tournament the Blue Jackets wish to set-up to occupy some GM's with a bit of action through the offseason. The tournament will likely involve participants to play a game against another participant once a week using the IP game function available in the game.
Why are we using NHL 2001?
Using NHL 2001 is just an idea for now. I think NHL 2001 is the best to use for the following reasons:
1.) it is an older game therefore system requirements are low
2.) its on sale for like $10 for people that would like to buy it to join
3.) NHL 2001 is the first game to implement IP address play...well NHL 2000 is but you can use the crazy deke move every single time in NHL 2000.
4.) NHL 2001 outsold 2002 and 2003 big time so more people may have it.
What about the rosters?
The cool thing about this idea is that we will be using the teams from your GM league roster. On my links page, theres a link to my source for roster updates for all NHL games. There are updated daily! I know the editor isnt God when it comes to ratings, etc but he is non-biased and highly regarded as one of the best roster makers. I would make everyone's roster in NHL 2001 and issue the roster update to everyone involved...its a REAL SIMPLE process.
What are the stakes??
Since the Blue Jackets are hosting this tourny, we may offer the our 2nd round entry every year to the winner...or we may offer the rights to an o.k. player to the winner. The best prize: wearing the pride of the BLUE JACKET (instead of the green jacket lol).
How would it be run?
I will use this page and set up a schedule, tournament tree, etc. and update as the results come in. The matchups would be based on your exhibition records. When a game has been completed, both parties will email me the score and I will update the site. If you dont like the assigned date i have scheduled you to play, you will need to contact the other party to set a new date within 3-5 days of the original date..if this is not done, the game would be simulated. Being available for contact via E-mail is crucial so be there or be square hehe
Im a computer geek..what settings are we using?
We will use the IP address function available in the game..all you need is an internet is FREE AND EASY! We will use the peer-to-peer connection so nobody is bothered by someone else's lag. A.I. settings and Options will be uniform across the board...these settings would be distributed to everyone as soon as are decided upon...everyone would just have to adjust some sliders in the game,...its EASY! lol. All that stuff will be figured out and procedures on how to connect, etc. will also be distributed..its all easier than it sounds.
How do I join?
Just email me at if you are interested in joining. This thing is not up and going officially yet but if there is enough interest in this, we will have a great off-season ritual. Also, i stress this is in its infancy so I am extremely open to ideas on how to improve what I've started....someone can even make a thread on the boards if interested.